Policies and Key Documents

Below are links to the School Policies. If you require any further information please contact the school.

Accessibility Plan
Admissions Policy 2021/22
Admissions Policy 2022/23
Admissions Policy 2023/24
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy
Therapeutic Behaviour Regulation Policy
Changing for PE Guidance
Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding: Covid-19 Addendum
Complaints Procedure
Equalities Policy
Exclusions Policy
Feedback and Marking Guidance
Freedom of Information Statement
Guidance on Photographic Images of Children
Guidance for Volunteers
Handwriting Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Home School Agreement
Home Visit Policy
Nursery Admissions Policy
Online Safety Policy
Pay Policy for all Staff
Procedures for Incidents with Parents/Carers or Visitors to the School
PSHRE Policy
PSHRE Appendices
Staff and Pupils: Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy
RE Policy
Safeguarding Staff Code of Conduct
School Worship Policy
SEN Policy and Information Report
Separated Parents Policy
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy 

SEBMAT Policies
Charging and Remissions Policy 
Code of Conduct
Data Protection and Security Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Pay Policy for all Staff
Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

Key Documents
SEBMAT Privacy Notice
Remote Education Provision
Summary of School Development Plan
Statement for Spiritual Development