Collective worship is organised on a rolling half termly programme based on our school values. The half termly theme is published in the school newsletter. The children play an important role in worship and are invited to pray or reflect on our Christian values.

Monday – Celebration Assembly

Tuesday – Hymn practice

Wednesday –Whole school collective worship or class assembly

Thursday – Visiting vicar or minister leads collective worship

Collective worship includes:

  • Lighting a candle   
  • A bible reading/story
  • An opportunity to pray or reflect
  • Singing of worship songs

We visit St. Thomas’s Church each term to celebrate Harvest, Christmas, Easter and for our Leavers' Service. We also visit on other occasions throughout the year.

Once a year, Worship focuses on British Values, linking them to the School's Values and to stories from the Bible.

Colnbrook has a team of twelve Worship Leaders who plan and lead whole school worship, as well as class worship. We have leaders from all faiths and cultures and their planning sessions are a time to explore and learn about each other's faiths.