Collective Worship

Collective worship at Colnbrook is a special and sacred time that we celebrate together daily as a school community. It is a time to pause, reflect and focus on our school vision and values.

Worship is planned each half term with a focus on one of our school values. We encourage pupils to play an active role in acts of worship and they are often invited to lead prayers, share thoughts and read Bible verses. Children also help shape the planning of our worship and staff regularly seek feedback from pupils.

Our collective worship begins by lighting a candle to mark the time as special and to acknowledge that God is present. Children are given the opportunity to discuss current topics, listen to and reflect on stories from the Bible and join in with prayers.

At Colnbrook, our worship is Christian based, but it is inclusive of all. Whether children have a faith or not, each individual is respected and given opportunities to express themselves in a way that makes them feel most comfortable.

Our daily collective worship is led either by a class teacher, a member of the senior leadership team or our local parish vicar, Father Darcy. 

Monday   Headteacher whole school collective worship 
Tuesday Assistant Headteacher whole school collective worship
Wednesday  Visiting Vicars / Class collective worship
Thursday Hymn Practise
Friday Whole School collective worship- lead by the Headteacher or class assembly (1 per year)


We regularly visit St. Thomas’s Church throughout the year to celebrate festivals including Harvest, Christmas and Easter. We also visit the church throughout the year to use the quiet garden and celebrate class saints days. 

If you wish to find out more about St. Thomas' Church, visit their Facebook page:
You can contact the Parish Office on 01753 580 467.

For our School Worship Policy, please visit our Policies and Key Documents page.

Woodland Walk Collective Worship

Our children visit our Prayer Space regularly.