Art at Colnbrook C of E Primary School gives children a chance to explore their creative side and explores not only painting and drawing but sculpture using clay and mixed media work using collage, print and paint. We follow the Cornerstones approach which enables our Art and topics to be linked across the curriculum and often follows-on from any History or Geography learning.

Within Art at Colnbrook, we try to expose children to different forms and styles of art as well as different cultures. Some examples of this are the Islamic Art topic in Year 4 and the Inuit Art project in Year 6. Our children are introduced to famous painters and artists across their time at Colnbrook and these include artists such as Banksy, Vincent Van Gogh and the Japanese sculptural artist Yayoi Kusama, to name a few.

We strive for our children to be challenged and inspired with Art and to not only create artwork, but to think critically about their work and the work of others, and to do this using the language of Art and Design. By the time they leave us, we would like our children to be able to create and reflect on art and artists and understand how it reflects and shapes our history, and understand how it can also contribute to the culture and culture of our nation.