Design Technology

Through Design and Technology (DT), we want the children of Colnbrook C. of E. Primary School to become creatorsrisk-takers and problem solvers.  We want children to work through their designs to further develop and improve their ideas, to problem solve.  We want children to make mistakes.  We want children to understand this is part of the design process and, by researching different designers through history, to realise no designer has ever created their final model from their first design.  We want to instil resilience.  We want the children to feel challenged and to have fun exploring, designing, and creating.

The children of Colnbrook C. of E. Primary School have opportunities to explore real life examples and the context in which their product may be used in the real world.  This sense of purpose feeds through from the beginning of their unit with a consideration of who or what is the product for. From there, the children are encouraged to design and make their product using a wide range of resources to further encourage their own creativity.

In DT at Colnbrook C. of E. Primary School, we follow the Early Years Foundations Stages (EYFS) for Nursery and Reception (with particular focus on the EYFS’ strands on ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Arts and Design’) and the 2014 National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. 

There are 5 aspects of DT that we teach:


     Mechanism                                 Textiles                                     Food                        Electrical Systems                    Structures


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