History and Geography

In our Topic lessons at Colnbrook C. of E. Primary School, we follow the Cornerstones Curriculum; a well-sequenced coherent curriculum that develops children’s historical and geographical skills and knowledge by providing outstanding learning opportunities for children. Throughout the scheme, there is complete coverage of all national curriculum programmes of study. All projects also develop historical and geographical skills based around evidence and enquiry.

Cornerstones topic lessons are taught four days a week in each class to ensure that the children are given enough time to immerse themselves and embed new knowledge. The Cornerstones Curriculum teaches key concepts such as chronology, cause and effect, similarity and difference, significance, and hierarchy; all of which are revisited throughout every project to ensure that skills are developed over time. The choice of geographical locations have been chosen to provide a broad and diverse understanding of the world.

Throughout the Cornerstones process, children will progress through four stages of learning in each Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) – Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. Cornerstones ensure that their framework clearly outlines all expectations for end of year in all subjects. These skills are links to each lesson input and activity where staff can easily track children’s progress and plan accordingly.

Click here for the History and Geography curriculum map.