Modern Foreign Language

Parlons Français! (Let’s speak French!)


At Colnbrook C of E Primary School, children in Key Stage 2 learn a modern foreign language in a weekly lesson using Kapow Primary scheme of work. Our choice of language is French. The children in Year 3 to 6 are provided with a balance of both spoken and written language which follow the National Curriculum. In our school, we aim to:

·         Develop an enthusiasm and respect for learning a new language

·         Develop the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for a new language

·         Develop an interest in different cultures and life styles within our school community and the wider world

·         Develop opportunities for children to be courageous and work collaboratively while interacting with others.

·         Develop respect and global awareness about issues faced by our planet


Our MFL curriculum map can be viewed alongside other subjects on the curriculum overview page.