Our PE Curriculum

At Colnbrook C of E Primary School, we acknowledge the importance of an active and physical lifestyle for our learners. The promotion of exercise and physical activity in school goes beyond our Physical Education (P.E.) lessons, as we recognise the impact that this has on pupils’ self-esteem, confidence, emotional wellbeing and cognitive ability.

We have developed our curriculum by adopting I-Moves, an exciting programme which provides teachers with a wide range of resources to plan and deliver exciting and engaging PE lessons. This resource also includes activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and quick active blasts for teachers to explore with their classes. Our approach has been developed with a whole-child focus at its heart, with the aim to help children to be healthier, happier and more successful.  We know how crucial it is to give children the tools and headspace they need to manage anxiety, and support physical and mental wellbeing with positive mind-set resources.

Further to this, we also offer swimming lessons to our Year 5 children in the Spring term. Our aim is that every child leaving primary school should have the skills to keep themselves safe while enjoying swimming with friends and family.

At Colnbrook C of E Primary School we deliver at least two hours of physical education per week, with all children participating fully in gymnastics, games and dance. Our long term plans have been developed in each of these areas to ensure that all children make good physical progress with their agility, balance and co-ordination. Through PE activities, we promote the importance of teamwork and give children the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Our wide range of sports extra-curricular clubs daily to enable our children to develop physically and grow their talents.

Parents can visit and explore the many resources which can be enjoyed by the whole family at home, which builds on the learning that children receive in school.