Personal Social Relationships and Health Education at Colnbrook

Personal, Social, Relationships and Health Education (PSRHE) at Colnbrook C of E Primary School is weaved into our curriculum, school vision and values. Our curriculum ensures that the children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to live, aspire and contribute to our ever-changing society.

PSRHE is taught every week using the Jigsaw scheme. This spiral scheme of work focus on six themes which are repeated every year with appropriate progression ensuring all teachers deliver high-quality and challenging content. The teaching of this subject became compulsory in September 2020 with the introduction of statutory Health and Relationships Education at key stages 1 and 2.

Our school vision and values are at the heart of everything we do and teach, especially in PSRHE which reinforces and instils both. We believe that the skills taught promote a ‘love of learning’ and a set of ‘lessons for life’ so it is embedded throughout our school day, through assemblies, class discussions, pastoral sessions and dedicated curriculum time. Added to this, we are actively involved in a range of awareness days such as Wellbeing Days and Children’s Mental Health Week. Our curriculum is also richly supported through our; engagement with other Health and Wellbeing programmes, such as, Choices and Active Movement and the use of outside providers, who deliver additional sessions including road, personal and internet safety.

Our aim is for every child to leave Colnbrook equipped for life, not just in terms of their academic achievements, but also with an ability to make informed and healthy choices using their knowledge and experience of social conventions, emotional literacy, mental health and economic and personal wellbeing.