Parent & Visitor Comments and Feedback

Early Years' Sports Day: 30/06/2023
"What a lovely day, it was. Really enjoyed it. Good for the children and their development."

"A good, fun day for both children and parents! Really enjoyed seeing children playing sports and seeing how competitive my child is."

"It was great fun to see the enthusiasm among the children as well as parents."

Year 3 Express Event - Emperors and Empires: 28/06/2023
"Today was interesting; great to see what the children have been working on and their progress. Thank you for all the support."

"I enjoyed being able to see my child's work over the term. It was nice to see how excited the children got, when they were able to show their work."

"It was great and lovely to see the environment where my child spends his day. Now I know his teacher is working hard to teach our children."

Year 1 Express Event - Dinosaur Museum: 27/06/2023
"I thought this event was well put together and the children have worked very hard."

"All of Year 1 class did very well. I really enjoyed looking around and hearing about all the different dinosaurs."

"An absolutely amazing tour of the museum. The children were fabulous and the teacher too; beautiful creations."

Family Learning Workshop: 07/06/2023
"Today was a great bonding experience and great for one to one."

"It was good enjoyment for the children. These games will improve mathematical skills."

Reception Class Assembly: 03/02/2023
"This morning was amazing! All the children and staff were good. Thank you for a lovely morning."

"I loved it! I would love to have more like this. I loved finding out what they are learning."


Parent Survey Comments: June 2023

"A very welcoming school and is supportive to children's education."

"A good variety of after school clubs, good communication regarding school activities. ParentMail is very handy, good involvement with the community, church and for parents to come to class assemblies."

"Very quick to deal with issues or concerns that parents or pupils have."

"Understanding my child's special educational needs and provide her with all the necessary support."