Parent & Visitor Comments and Feedback

Years 1 - 6 Parent Open Morning: 25/11/19

"Today's parent morning was a great experience. The teach had very good communication with the children and the lesson was very interesting."

"My child was excited to tell me about what he does. The teacher made sure that all the children got her attention. They were very well behaved."

"Thank you very much; I see a big progress from my child."

"It was so lovely to see what my son gets up to. I wish I could stay longer. I always enjoy these mornings."

"Thoroughly enjoy these parent mornings, to not only see my child enjoy his time here but also to see how the other children also enjoy their time together. All the children and staff in the Learning Resource Unit get along together very well. I absolutely love the new LRU base. Thank you so much for all your continued help and support. My child's progress is just fantastic and that's because of your time and effort."

Reception Class Workshop Mornings: November 2019

"This was very helpful and the way the staff explained it was excellent."

"A very interesting and productive way of doing phonics. I will definitely adopt the same method at home."

"Thank you for the opportunity to observe my child learning and to be able to help him at home."

"Thank you for looking after my child; we are happy to have you."