Parent & Visitor Comments and Feedback

Parent Questionnaire: July 2018

"Great communication between parents and school staff. Friendly atmosphere."

"Everyone is always friendly. The school is well-maintained and safe and my child likes coming to school."

"We are happy to have such a good Headteacher, who is making loads of improvements at school."

"Great Breakfast Club and great After School Clubs."

 Parents' Open Morning: 15th October 2018

"This is a great way to see what the children do in class. I enjoyed seeing and working with my child."

"It was lovely to see our kids learning in a very easy and understanding way. All kids were excited to learn and it shows their keen interest in learning new things in class."

"A good opportunity to witness how the class is conducted."

Reception Class Parents' Open Mornings: 6th and 8th November 2018

"It was lovely to watch my child do his phonics. I am actually surprised how much staff do to help the children learn to read; equally now that I have seen it, I am not surprised how much progress he has made."

"Really good to see method of teaching and how it has helped my child. The interaction between my child and the teachers is very good to see and we have seen his confidence build and build."

"It has been helpful watching how the children are learning and enables me to continue this way of learning at home."